Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

Fall/Winter 2019 Collection 

An Sumptuous Garden in Fall
The Autumn arrives with a poetic sentiment of romance fills the air, Jessica shows women the iridescent beauty of the season, as the storied Fall/Winter 2019 Collection takes up cultural and artistic lustre in a nostalgic look back the 1940-60s. The result is an exciting, mesmerising play on opulent silhouettes with meticulous details. 

Reinterpreting of Retro Aesthetic   

Ringing in the season are retro designs infused with femininity. The fall wardrobe features thoughtful materials and silhouettes emblazoned with monochrome patterns to tell the story of urban women coming together to strike sparks off each other. Jackets and skirts in tweed are reinterpreted with monochrome geometric patterns and baby pink accents; fringed details bring a playful yet elegant edge to the designs. This season also sees the combination of the black-and-white palette with various motifs: think florals clashing and contrasting on short sleeved dress for a statement look. 

Nostalgic references continue to define our late autumn silhouettes. Monochrome motifs are boldly reimagined with a gradation of pink. Floral and geometric patterns set the tone of the season. Retro fit comes to life in dresses combining slim-fit bodice with flared skirt. Oversized floral print looks stylish on dresses against the black and deep blue background. Intricate embroideries are particularly riveting: a delicately bead embroidered dress is enhanced by lace embellishments;the gold threaded neckline and chiffon hem inserts add a soft touch of romance to a light Ecru dress. 

Besides the cut and style, colours get a fair share of attention. Warm hues of fall taken from bleached pinkish sunlight, red berries in season, burgundy maple leave, verdant forest and golden-green foliage form an extravaganza of colours alongside classic grey, black and white. Striking geometric and floral designs are reworked on textured wool fabric, lace, sequins and jacquard, accented by fur and playful motifs to bring Jessica’s romantic and eclectic universe to life.

Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

A Winter Garden Filled with Floral 

The winter collection alludes to the nature by reinterpreting Jessica’s signature floral motifs with Helleborus. The decent and tiny wintery rose morphs into floral patterns and graphics on dresses and sweaters as an eloquent expression of the brand’s expertise in floral design. Jacquard dress is styled with a fur collar long coat to give the vintage look a modern twist.  

Wool, cashmere blend, floral embroidered mesh, pleated skirt and draping trousers are key elements of the season. Colours and motifs converge into a sumptuous winter garden where virtuoso craftsmanship gives birth to delicate details, such as pleated sleeves and hem of a dress and fur inserts on the sleeves and collar of a coat that effortlessly hearken back to Jessica’s own brand of spirited femininity. In a playful take on volume and texture, floral lace and lace with velvet inserts add lustre to the season’s designs that express the brand’s love for romantic lace. 

Besides textured fabrics and motifs, pastel colours like pink, red, deep purple, turquoise and rose pink also add to the volume while conjuring an air of vivacity. The palette is even more impressive when mixed with natural shades from emerald, navy, blue to burgundy and dusty pink. 

Inspired by vintage silhouettes between the 40s and 60s, this season’s evening dresses are structured, well proportionated and made with romantic tulle as an ultimate expression of feminine sensibility. Vintage sequins, geometric motifs, rhinestone-studded belt and floral patterns are complemented by light grey, dusty pink, purple, black and blue to effortlessly capture the essence of retro simplicity. The collection reveals the inner delicacy of a woman that dazzles all eyes. The beaded sweater and mesh skirt artfully recall the romantic and sophisticated 1940s fashion, bringing out elegance in every woman.