Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Spring/Summer 2020 Collection 

Mythical Blossom

To celebrate the arrival of 2020, JESSICA presents you a romantic adventure in Italy through the creation of Spring/Summer fashion collection, inspired by the magnificent gardens in the capital of art, artistic masterpieces from the Renaissance and mythology.   Praised as the capital of art, Florence is the origin of the Renaissance. Two of the most iconic paintings kept in the Uffizi Gallery are Primavera and Birth of Venus, painted by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli in the 1480s. In particular, Flora, in a floral dress, standing next to the goddess Venus, must be the most appealing figure to fashionistas. Regarded as the goddess of flower, youth and joy in Roman mythology, her symbolization of vitality is analogous to the praise for women. Ancient Romans celebrated the Floralia, a festival for Flora, with flowers, drinks and performances in blooming season. Even now, there are flower shows in Europe that named after the Floralia. For this reason, JESSICA wishes to incorporate the aesthetic of Flora as best blessing for all modern women who are passionate about fashion and life to begin this new decade.  


Through Botticelli’s exquisite brushwork, Flora is wearing a Renaissance ivory dress full of delicate flowers with a long wavy hair and floats in the wind with the flowers. This romantic image of Flora marked an influential definition to classic female beauty. Although the complication of Renaissance opulent garment is simplified after centuries, the elegant elements, such as embroideries, puff-sleeve, ruffles, empire waistline and sheer layering, can always be recreated as easy-wearing retro dress under modern textiles and sophisticated craftsmanship. JESSICA strongly believes that one-piece dress is the best garment to adorn women’s hourglass and femininity. Paying tribute to the “New Look” full dress launched by Christian Dior in the 1940s, this season’s new dress silhouette is designed to have a higher slim fit waistline and fuller hem. Midi and maxi lengths are also return in style for day to evening occasions.  

Flora Unveiled by Zephrys, another masterpiece drawn by Queen Victoria’s drawing master Richard Westall in 1807, was auctioned as valuable antique. Its Flora garden with flowers in full blossom is painted in romantic Rococo style. Let JESSCIA guide you through the Italian gardens to explore the inspiration behind our floral dress designs. Four compelling gardens: Bardini Garden, Boboli Garden, Rose and Iris Garden, are located next to Piazzale Michelangelo, right opposite to the gallery and Arno River. Numerous flowers in the gardens flourish across Spring and Summer, including hibiscus, iris, lily, poppy, viola, bougainvillea, daisy and rose, to name only a few. They intertwine with the delicate trees, inspired the plentiful natural motifs in Spring/Summer collection. Making use of techniques like printing, knitting and JESSICA’s most iconic embellished embroidery, the charming motifs are skilfully realized on luxurious fabrics of tweeds, lace, organza, chiffon and more. A few signature dresses in the new collection even created in multiple layers of sheer fabrics and embroidery lace simultaneously to create graceful layering.

Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

The main hues for the entire Spring/summer collection surround Florence’s dreamlike sunset pink palette, decorated with rose pink, rosewood red, bright red and peachy orange, the feminine pink tone elicits your sweet charisma. A pink organza sleeveless fared dress full of pastel floral embroideries embellished with matt sequins, made by exquisite craftsmanship, surely brings out your inner angelic charm. Also, stark contrast between neutral black and white colour, similar to background of oil painting, elevates a classy look. Select red/white hibiscus black devoré lace flared dress with transparent striped lining to adopt this style. This season, delicate thoughts are devoted to lace patterns. Such as black/white guipure lace bodice long-sleeve pleated maxi dress, its artful patterns mirror artistic stained glass of Florence Cathedral. Ivory dress embellished with apple green/yellow poppies on two sides, adorned with crochet lace that replicates subtle honey hive.   The dark green geometric marble bands on the exteriors and the countless golden murals of all cathedrals shaped an exceptional Florence scenery. The colour of marble is brightened up by different shades of green trees colour, composed a green hues, gold and linear structure pleats that creates a sensibility of sophisticated modernity. Show your style by putting on the gold abstract lily embroidered black dress, with tiny pleats on two sides of the dress to make a contrasting effect, or opt for a metallic green/black ombre pleated knit skirt that can seamlessly matches with any top in the collection, completing an elegant daytime look.

Exploring Wildlife Sanctuary in Italy after leaving Florence is another great opportunity to search for fashion insights. Inspired by elephants, zebras, giraffes and more, ornamented with motifs of tropical plants and variety of geometric shapes, is a colourful print on a belted wrap midi dress, accentuating the vibe of summery vacation. Alternatively, blue hue of the Mediterranean sky colour printed on minimalistic pleated dress in lightweight crepe chiffon is an airy option for summertime. A various range of knitted and lace cardigans, with embellished buttons or ties details, is offered for easy mix and match with the dresses.   Florence and the Renaissance are one of a kind cultural heritage that never stop inspiring. JESSICA wishes to bring you a Spring/Summer collection 2020 full of retro vintage and contemporary aesthetics, allowing fashionable ladies to reinterpret her own Flora style of beauty in the modern time.